August 11, 2008
Clermont Lounge!

Hey everyone! The dream is becoming a reality! AEW will be headlining at the Clermont this Thursday night, with The Intoxicated and Coffin Bound. Six dollars at the door! Music starts at 10 PM. AEW should be hitting the stage around 11:30 PM. Remember to bring some singles for those dancers!

If you think you've seen an AEW show before, think again! In honor of the Olympics, we will be holding some Clermont-themed competitions. Winners will receive some fabulous prizes! Including one lucky girl and boy who will get one of our new t-shirts. Both can be yours for the low, low price of only $10 each!

Do you have to get up early for work on Friday? Are you too scared to come to the Clermont Lounge? Do you have some other lame excuse to miss the biggest AEW show of the summer? Then you might want to come to our Madonna tribute show the very next night at Georgia State University's Cinefest Theater! We go on at 8 PM and "Desperately Seeking Susan" starts at 9 PM. That's right! There's no excuse to miss Attractive Eighties Women this week. Check out the flyer for more details...

See you all at the shows!

Phoebe Cates

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