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March 8, 2008

AEW UnpluggedHi everyone! Phoebe here with your semi-regular AEW update...

First, our condolences to the family of Mr. Myron Cope, inventor of the Pittsburgh Steelers Terrible Towel. Mr. Cope passed away recently and he will be fondly remembered by both Attractive Eighties Women and members of the Steeler Nation.

As some of you may remember, my personal Terrible Towel was ruined during our ill fated CD release party. After seeing my open letter, the Steelers front office sent me three new terrible towels for free! Some of you may have seen their debut at our Criminal Records show.

I've made some updates to the website, including the shows and photos sections. Also, I've added a press page, where you can keep up with AEW in the news. We'll be posting links here to articles about us, as well as live show and album reviews. Be sure and pick up this month's issues of Southeast Performer and PRICK Magazine as both feature Attractive Eighties Women!

March will be a slow month for Attractive Eighties Women. We're all taking some time to chill out and we'll be back in action on March 29 at Dad's Garage for BACONFEST '08! Soon after that, we'll be hitting the studio to record some demos of our new material. 2008 is going to be a great year for AEW, so stay tuned!


March 25, 2008


From the kind folks at Dad's Garage:

BaconFest is back and it's shaping up to be more bacon-ee than ever before! So, if you like the sound of a sizzlin' skillet, and the feel of a frosty mug in your hand (because you can't have bacon without beer) - then join us on Saturday, March 29th from 2-7pm.

BaconFest is our annual fundraiser (yep, Dad's Garage is a Non-Profit company), but there won't be any black ties or ball gowns here, just a whole bunch of bacon and fun! In fact, we'll be cooking up a whole bunch of festivities - including bodacious bands, greasy games, porky prizes, a succulent silent auction, and to top it all off - Samurai Davis Jr. and Dim Sum's Super Mega Happy Fun Time Improv Show from 6-7pm. So, come on out, and help Dad's Garage bring home the bacon while you eat it!

Bands: Attractive Eighties Women, Pistolero, and Flyght Rysk!

Tickets are $10 in advance for the 'Fest, and $20 if you want to see the improv show as well. Come out this weekend and support the best improv theater in Atlanta!


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