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January 5, 2008

Hello Eighties Ladies!

The day is finally upon us. Attractive Eighties Women's debut album, COUP D'É TA-TA'S is ready for public consumption. Come to the EARL Saturday night, January 12, to get your FREE COPY! All you have to do is pay the $7 cover.

And what else do you get for $7? You get a rock n' roll show the likes of which you've never seen! First up is Bases Loaded, Atlanta's only all-bass Rollie Fingers Tribute Band! Next, enjoy the stellar sounds of our good friends Pistolero. We haven't played with Pistolero in quite some time and we're excited to once again be sharing the stage with them!

Finally, Attractive Eighties Women will take the stage to play songs from our new album, along with some even NEWER stuff we've been working on! That's right! We've got even more new songs for you. If you haven't seen us in a while, expect an awesomecore good time with new tunes like "Largemouth (The Ballad of Bill Dance)," "To Catch a Predator," and "Death Skull Napalm Sword"!

Buy your tickets now and you'll be guaranteed a copy of the album. Advance tickets for the show are available online at The EARL and Ticket Alternative

"But Phoebe! What if I can't make it to the show? I want a copy of the album!" Well, this is your ONE CHANCE to get the album for FREE, but it will be available at local record stores (including Criminal Records) and online (through CD Baby and iTunes) for the very low price of $9.99 on January 15. And of course you can buy it at one of our upcoming shows:

1.18.08 - Caledonia Lounge, Athens, GA
with Wes Floyd, Andrew Nelson and Levi Lowery
2.14.08 - The 10 High, Atlanta, GA
with Three Dog Stevens and Le Sexoflex
2.23.08 - Snug Harbor, Charlotte, NC
with Lamb Handler

See you all at the PUNK ROCK SHOW!
Phoebe Cates

January 13, 2008

AEW would like to extend an extra special thank you to everyone who came to our amazing CD release show last night at the EARL. Bases Loaded and Pistolero brought the thunder and we were well on our way to the best AEW show of all time… until THE INCIDENT!

For those of you who weren’t there, the show was cut short after our fourth song, “Pandamonium”. Someone in the audience (most likely a jealous ex-girlfriend or a whack-job animal rights activist) seemed to take umbrage at the thought of us killing the baby panda. A glass was thrown, my wrist was cut, and, before any of us really knew what was happening, the show was over.

In all seriousness, the whole thing was just an unfortunate drunken accident. I am fine. The cut was very deep, hence the giant puddle of blood on stage, but luckily it didn’t hit any important stuff. After three hours in the Emory ER (Shout out to Dr. Deb!) and seven stitches (2 inside, 5 outside), I am well on my way to a full recovery.

If you were at the show, pictures from our photo booth will be posted soon, so check back here to see your smilin' face. If you didn’t get a CD last night, I’m really sorry. There was a lot of confusion after I left the stage and I was too busy bleeding on my shoes to come back out. We will figure out a way to make this up to you very soon.

Thanks to everyone who’s called, texted, emailed, myspaced, and facebooked. It’s AEWsome to know you care. Also thanks to the staff of the EARL, Dr. Albert, J. Chris and anyone else who helped me out last night.

We will be booking another Atlanta show soon to make up for all the rocking you guys missed out on. Next time, however, we will be playing behind eight feet of chicken wire.

Phoebe Cates

UPDATE: Check out a few pictures of me getting medical assistance backstage. Props to Ashzelly, our photographeress extraordinaire!

January 15, 2008

Hey everyone. In honor of my gory laceration, we are releasing a special EP! In Stitches features four songs recorded at our trainwreck of a CD release show last weekend at the EARL.

At the end of "Pandamonium" you can hear the glass shatter and the chaos that ensued. And yes! That is a picture of the actual glass that cut me on the cover. Download it now!

In StitchesAttractive Eighties Women - In Stitches EP

1. Intro (The Ecstasy of Gold)
2. Rock and Roll (Led Zeppelin cover)
3. Lightning Bolt
4. They Shoot Hipsters, Don't They?
5. Pandamonium

Full EP (27 MB Zip file with artwork)

Coup D'é Ta-Ta'sOur new album is on sale now at CD Baby. You can buy the CD or DRM-free mp3s for the low low price of $9.99.

If you live in Atlanta, the album will also be on sale at Decatur CD and Criminal Records. For you Athens folk, the album will be available at Wuxtry Records after this weekend.

Buy Now

January 16, 2008

Dear Pittsburgh Steelers,

My name is Phoebe Cates, and you are undoubtedly my favorite NFL franchise. When I am not cheering on “The Team of Teams”, I am the charismatic front man of Attractive Eighties Women, an awesomecore rock band in Atlanta, GA. When performing, I work up a fierce sweat. For good luck, I always wipe that sweat with my official Myron Cope Terrible Towel™.

On January 12, my band held a CD release party for our debut album, Coup D’é Ta-Ta’s (available at CD Baby for the low price of $9.99). It was the culmination of everything we’d been working towards for two years. After just the fourth song in our set, a mysterious female assailant hurled her drink at me. The glass shattered and a large chunk of it slashed my wrist very badly. As I staggered back, blood pouring from the gaping wound, I began to panic. I knew I had to stop the flow of blood quickly if I were to have a fighting chance of leaving that stage alive!

Thinking quickly, I grabbed my Terrible Towel™ and wrapped it tightly around the cut, making sure I kept firm pressure on the wound. As I held the towel there, waiting for the paramedics to arrive, I was grateful for its life saving absorbency.

Thanks to my official Myron Cope Terrible Towel™, I survived the ordeal, but, as you can see from this photo, my bloodstained towel has seen better days (like February 5, 2006). There are not many Steelers fans here in Atlanta, so finding a new Terrible Towel™ has proven very difficult. So difficult in fact, I was hoping you could just send me a new one. If you could do that, I assure you I will wave it proudly and often. Please send it soon. Who knows when it may be called upon to save another life? Thank you very much.

Phoebe Cates

Hey everyone. If you were at our CD release show at the EARL, you may be featured in our photobooth collection. Check it out over at Flickr, AEW's favorite photo hosting site. Special thanks to our photographer, Ashley Zeltzer for all her help!

January 22, 2008

itunes_logo.jpgHello everyone! Semi-great news! Coup D'é Ta-Ta's is now available through everyone's favorite online music retailer: iTunes!

Now, you're probably asking yourself "Why is this only semi-great news? It seems like the best thing I've ever heard in my entire life!!!" We'll here's why... You see, iTunes wraps (most) of its songs in dirty, filthy DRM. Even thought we specifically requested our music be sold as DRM-free iTunes Plus files, CD Baby and iTunes haven't yet reached an agreement that will allow that. Super lame.

Anyway, if you only want to download a few of our songs, then iTunes should be your destination of choice. However, if you're planning to download the entire album, head over to CD Baby, where you can download it DRM-free for the exact same price! Also, CD Baby is the only place you can download the files as mp3s, playable on any digital music device (I'm looking at you Zune people...)

Phoebe Cates

scadradio.jpgAEW is hitting the road this weekend, with our good friends Trophy Wives. We're heading to Savannah, GA for our first ever show at The Jinx. If you're in the Savannah area, we look forward to seeing you Friday night!

For those of you who can't make it to Savannah, you can still get a little taste of AEW online. I will be doing an interview on SCAD Radio, Friday at 8 PM. "What's SCAD Radio?" you say.

SCAD Radio is operated entirely by students at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Ga. The station's programming is designed to represent the diversity and creativity of the SCAD student body.
They will also be giving away AEW prize packs all week long, so tune in (streaming mp3/real audio) for your chance to win.

Phoebe Cates

January 27, 2008

Ever since our bloody, injury-shortened CD release party at the EARL, there's been one question on everyone's lips... When will AEW make their triumphant return to the stage?!

Well, after a couple of warm up shows out of town, we're finally ready! February 9, at Criminal Records, Attractive Eighties Women will be playing a FREE show for all our fans who were shortchanged by some crazy drunk girl.

Everyone is invited to come join the fun around 8 PM. We'll be grilling some hot dogs, and there will definitely be FREE beer (keg or cans TBD). We're pulling out all the stops for this one, so expect antics galore!

January 30, 2008

fox5.jpgAttractive Eighties Women will be performing "Murder Kroger" live on FOX 5's morning show this Friday (February 1)! We don't know what time exactly... just that it will be some time between 7AM-9AM, so set your TiVo's, VCRs, etc! We know none of our fans are awake that early. AEW on TV! Feel the excitement! Trances Arc and Gringo Star will also be playing.

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