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April 1, 2007

Attractive Eighties Women are joining forces with Thee Crucials for a rock and roll double header the likes of which Atlanta has never seen. Friday night (April 6) at the EARL, Saturday night (April 7) at dooGallery to celebrate Neal and Lindsey's birthday! Expect to see some very special guests!

In other AEW news, congratulations to Froglodge, who came in first place in the first round of Battleacts 2007!


April 11, 2007

Hey everyone! We had some really great shows last weekend. Thanks for coming out. Here are some pictures from the shows.

Also, you can now download a recording of our entire set at The EARL from our music page.

Hey! Check this out! we're featured in Creative Loafing this week in an article about Adult Swim. Check it out! For the record, I've never worn a wig to any of our shows. Guess it's time for a haircut!

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