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February 3, 2009

In honor of our appearance today on The Regular Guys, we've decided to release a three-song preview of our upcoming album. Download it now for FREE!

The Clermont EP
1. Surfing or AIDS (I'll Take Surfing)
2. DUI
3. ABC

Special thanks to our good friend Josh, who recorded and mixed these for us. Artwork by Katherine W. Linn and Phoebe Cates.


February 4, 2009


[ri-pyoot] noun, verb, -put⋅ed, -put⋅ing. –noun
1. estimation in the view of others; reputation: persons of good repute.
2. favorable reputation; good name; public respect.

Download the audio here!

February 5, 2009


Look who's on the back cover of Creative Loafing this week! Click the image to see a 10-question Q&A with me.

Phoebe Cates

February 6, 2009


February 17, 2009

Thanks to the Regular Guys, Southside Steve and Sebas.

February 26, 2009


It's about time someone in Atlanta finally realized what we've been shouting
for three years!

Read this article about the Atlanta music scene and how it's full of dirty, no-good hipsters.

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