July 1, 2008
Creative Loafing's "Best of Atlanta" 2008

The time has come for you all to get off your collective ass and vote for AEW! Head over to the Creative Loafing website and submit your votes. We'd love for you to vote for us in the following categories:
  • Local overall music act: Attractive Eighties Women
  • Local vocalist: Phoebe Cates (Attractive Eighties Women)
  • Local instrumentalist: Kelly McGillis (Attractive Eighties Women)
  • Local experimental music act: Attractive Eighties Women
Tell your friends and family to vote as well!

UPDATE: The deadline is July 11! Vote today!

Also, CL is having a "Raging Election" party on July 9 at the Star Bar. You can catch some great music (including AEW-approved acts Y-O-U and Cassavetes), eat some great food and cast your vote for AEW! Here's the details:


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