July 29, 2008
Corndogorama EP

Hey everyone! Phoebe here with some exciting news. The kind folks at Brain Rock Records recorded our set at Corndogorama and mastered it for your aural pleasure! The set features several of our new songs, including "Surfing or AIDS (I'll Take Surfing)," crowd-favorite "DUI" and our ode to Atlanta's Shithead General, Jeff Clark. You can download it now on our music page for FREE!

1. Surfing or AIDS? (I'll Take Surfing)
2. Pandamonium
3. DUI
4. Stomp and Stammer
5. Sock Man
6. Murder Kroger
7. El Scorcho (Weezer Cover)
8. Mama, Get a Mammogram

Full show: corndogorama.zip

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