July 23, 2007
We need a drummer!

Hey everyone! Support Our Poops was a tremendous success. Special thanks to Patrick and all of the EARL staff, Insane-O-Flex, Three Dog Stevens and Fox Trotsky! You can check out pictures here, here and here.

In other AEW news, Kelly LeBrock has decided to lay down her drumsticks and pursue her dreams elsewhere. She will be leaving some time in September and we will miss her greatly. What does this mean for the rest of the 80's ladies? Well, we're looking for a drummer! Are you a drummer? Do you know any drummers? If so, let us know.

Oh yeah! Kelly will be sticking with us through our current commitments, so our show at Lenny's on August 18th is still a GO! We're playing with They Shoot Horses, Don't They?.


PS - Coming soon! Attractive Eighties Women's chart-topping multi-platinum debut album! Keep your eyes and ears glued to attractiveeightieswomen.com for more details soon!

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