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January 18, 2007

Welcome to 2007. The year of Attractive Eighties Women! We've got 5 shows booked between now and April, so you'll have plenty of chances to see the 80's ladies. We've got a new practice space and we're working on new songs. Come out Saturday night to catch the new and improved AEW2007!


January 26, 2007

Our show at Lenny's on Feb. 8 just got even more exciting! Court TV will be filming for a new series that night. The show is called "America's Toughest Bars" and the pilot is being shot at Lenny's on Feb. 8 & 9. If you want a shot at getting your ugly face on TV, then don't miss this show! We've got some special antics planned as well. We'll be playing with our good friends Pistolero, as well as Wrister, The Schizzies and Das Manics.

See you all there!


January 27, 2007

Attractive Eighties Women are now featured in the Internet Archive. If you'd like to listen to our live show from December 7 at the Star Bar, head over there now. You can download the entire show, or stream it right from your browser.

What this means to you, the AEW fan: Hopefully, you'll soon be able to hear more live recordings of our shows. Attractive Eighties Women encourages anyone to tape our shows (audio or video) and share them with the world, as long as you release your recordings under a creative commons license.

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