January 31, 2009

That's right -- a date to remember! You will have two chances to hear Atlanta's greatest band, Attractive Eighties
Women, play LIVE!

The Regular Guys

All of you working stiffs commuting to your boring jobs, tune your radios to "Atlanta's Rock Station", Rock 100.5 at 8 AM to hear AEW performing live in the studio with The Regular Guys. Yeah, come on! After playing a portion of "Lighting Bolt", for their audience last week (audio here), the Regular Guys have been swamped with requests for more AEW action. So, we've been invited to their studio to play a live show. If you're lazy like me and not usually up at 8 AM then you can catch the replay of the show on the Regular Guys 24 Hour Video channel or download the podcasts, both of which are available on the Regular Guys website. The replay starts as soon as the show is over at 10 AM and the podcasts are usually uploaded shortly thereafter.

We are big fans of the Regular Guys and in honor of our appearance on their show, we will be releasing TWO NEW DEMOS, FREE on our website and myspace. Just head to either location on Wednesday morning and you'll be able to download studio recordings of our new songs "Surfing or AIDS (I'll Take Surfing)" and "DUI". We recorded these demos a while back and we'll be reentering the studio this Spring to record our brand new album!

Want to hear even more songs from the new album? Then take a trip to lovely East Atlanta Village Wednesday night to catch Attractive Eighties Women and Lamb Handler at 529. Lamb Handler are friends of ours from Charlotte, on tour to support their new album. They're really great -- sort of a southern rock Queens of the Stone Age. Get there early to check them out. If you haven't heard, 529 is a new bar in what used to be The Village Bar & Grill, right across the street from The Flatiron. It's been completely renovated and is really nice. It's also one of the smallest places we've ever played, so get there early if you want one of those primo front row spots (Ladies, I'm talkin' to you!)

Doors open at 9 PM, Lamb Handler goes on at 10 and AEW hits the stage around 11. Cover charge is only $5! Please remember that the Lamb Handler is on tour and bring some extra cash to buy their merch and support a great independent band. (You are also welcome to buy our merch!) See you there.

Phoebe Cates

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