March 25, 2008


From the kind folks at Dad's Garage:

BaconFest is back and it's shaping up to be more bacon-ee than ever before! So, if you like the sound of a sizzlin' skillet, and the feel of a frosty mug in your hand (because you can't have bacon without beer) - then join us on Saturday, March 29th from 2-7pm.

BaconFest is our annual fundraiser (yep, Dad's Garage is a Non-Profit company), but there won't be any black ties or ball gowns here, just a whole bunch of bacon and fun! In fact, we'll be cooking up a whole bunch of festivities - including bodacious bands, greasy games, porky prizes, a succulent silent auction, and to top it all off - Samurai Davis Jr. and Dim Sum's Super Mega Happy Fun Time Improv Show from 6-7pm. So, come on out, and help Dad's Garage bring home the bacon while you eat it!

Bands: Attractive Eighties Women, Pistolero, and Flyght Rysk!

Tickets are $10 in advance for the 'Fest, and $20 if you want to see the improv show as well. Come out this weekend and support the best improv theater in Atlanta!


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