January 5, 2008
One Week from today!

Hello Eighties Ladies!

The day is finally upon us. Attractive Eighties Women's debut album, COUP D'É TA-TA'S is ready for public consumption. Come to the EARL Saturday night, January 12, to get your FREE COPY! All you have to do is pay the $7 cover.

And what else do you get for $7? You get a rock n' roll show the likes of which you've never seen! First up is Bases Loaded, Atlanta's only all-bass Rollie Fingers Tribute Band! Next, enjoy the stellar sounds of our good friends Pistolero. We haven't played with Pistolero in quite some time and we're excited to once again be sharing the stage with them!

Finally, Attractive Eighties Women will take the stage to play songs from our new album, along with some even NEWER stuff we've been working on! That's right! We've got even more new songs for you. If you haven't seen us in a while, expect an awesomecore good time with new tunes like "Largemouth (The Ballad of Bill Dance)," "To Catch a Predator," and "Death Skull Napalm Sword"!

Buy your tickets now and you'll be guaranteed a copy of the album. Advance tickets for the show are available online at The EARL and Ticket Alternative

"But Phoebe! What if I can't make it to the show? I want a copy of the album!" Well, this is your ONE CHANCE to get the album for FREE, but it will be available at local record stores (including Criminal Records) and online (through CD Baby and iTunes) for the very low price of $9.99 on January 15. And of course you can buy it at one of our upcoming shows:

1.18.08 - Caledonia Lounge, Athens, GA
with Wes Floyd, Andrew Nelson and Levi Lowery
2.14.08 - The 10 High, Atlanta, GA
with Three Dog Stevens and Le Sexoflex
2.23.08 - Snug Harbor, Charlotte, NC
with Lamb Handler

See you all at the PUNK ROCK SHOW!
Phoebe Cates

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