December 10, 2007
Coup D'é Ta-Ta's

Coup D'é Ta-Ta'sWe are proud to announce that our new album, "Coup D'é Ta-Ta's - Attractive Eighties Women Live" is complete and will be released on January 15, 2008. We have just sent the master to the factory to be pressed, and barring any unforeseen mix-ups, we will be having our CD release party on January 12 at The EARL. If you can't wait another month, you can hear some of the songs right now on our myspace page!

Here's the final tracklist:
1. “We are Attractive Eighties Women”
2. Master Cylinder
3. Gonna Kill Myself (Because of You)
4. They Shoot Hipsters, Don’t They?
5. Pandamonium
6. Gonna Throw a Party (When You Die)
7. Titty City
8. Murder Kroger
9. Yeah Yeah Jager
10. “Patrick broke a string”
11. Lightning Bolt
12. “The Best Song We Ever Wrote”
13. Mama, Get a Mammogram
14. She Made My Heart Walk the Plank
15. Mama’s on Meth

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